Our Story

Necessity: The mother of invention

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. And when something is necessary, you know a mother (or three) will figure it out.

As the current pandemic took shape months ago, Amy Lundy knew that distance learning would be tough for everyone. The constant need to be connected to technology would be difficult for many children, and engagement would be very different at home, than in the classroom. As she began virtual education with her preschooler and two elementary-aged children, Amy wondered how she would be able to do this, while also working full-time. She didn't have a teaching background, and frankly she wouldn't describe herself as the most patient person.

Amy knew she was not alone in this struggle, she could see it and feel it everywhere. Parents were frustrated, kids were exhausted, and teachers were desperately trying to figure out solutions. Everyone was wondering how they would accept this new educational reality?

How would we do it all, and who will help us, but most importantly how will we find them?

As the "virtual school-year" got closer, Amy noticed parents and teachers who were desperately trying to connect with one another. She saw moms posting in social media groups asking for help from a "retired" teacher or a college student who was an education major. She saw a community posting from a preschool teacher who was suddenly out of work, and hoping to work with a family until her school opened up again. As a true marketer she knew it had to be simple and easy and as a true entrepreneur, she knew she would have to create it.

So, she rounded up a few friends (Julie & Amy) and together these three moms created The Learning Match.