Our Mission

Create connections

Our mission is to create connections that give families the confidence that their child will continue to thrive.

By joining our community, families can create a bridge between school and home when they match with a trusted, qualified and experienced educator.

The Learning Match is built on a commitment to simplicity, accessibility and community.

  • SIMPLE + SAFE: A family builds a profile with their needs, and our educators build a profile with what they want to offer families. Think of us as your matchmaker --- after you meet, the rest of the relationship is up to you! The Learning Match is not involved in rate negotiation, commitment contracts or any payment between the educators or parents. Personal information is NEVER shared with anyone out of our community.

    • ACCESSIBLE: Our database of educators is way easier than sorting through social media groups and community message boards. This is a public facing database that is ALWAYS free for educators and during our current beta testing is FREE for FAMILIES. 

      • COMMUNITY: The education of a child requires a team, especially now, and we are here to support you. As our community develops and grows we will be providing even more resources to parents. As our business grows, we will develop a robust give back grant program.