Having a great resume is the first step in getting your foot through the door. Whether you’re applying for a one-time gig as a substitute or a permanent teaching position your resume can help you land the job!

As an educator, it is important to showcase your learning and teaching experience to give parents and employers the confidence in you that you already have in yourself. Displaying your educating successes on a resume provides a starting point for employers to see your potential.

A resume is the professional paper version of you and should reflect who you are and what you can do. It should show your experiences, interests, skills, aspirations, and whatever you feel best represents who you are.

When creating a resume here are some tips to follow:

1. Keep it Looking Professional

Create a well-crafted resume by using fonts that are easy to read and don’t crowd the page. Make sure to use spacing and only include the most relevant information. This will make reading your resume effortless for employers.

2. Grab Their Attention

Use active words to engage the reader and keep them interested. For example use words such as developed, improved, coordinated, and managed to show your initiative. Be sure to make your contact information known by having it appear larger and stand out from the other text.

3. Draw Attention to your Achievements

Use keywords to express your interests and highlight your experience. Place your educational achievements and experience in chronological order to show your most recent accomplishments.

4. Show your Personality

Include your interests and goals that give the reader an idea of the type of educator you are and the teaching style you do best. Keep these relevant to the job you are applying for. 

5. Proofread

Check your resume for correct spelling and grammar. Make sure there are no typos to maintain a professional appearance. 

6. Keep it Up to Date

You never know when a new opportunity can come knocking on your door so keep your resume up to date and ready to go!


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