This incredible platform serves different needs for each person, but here’s the top 10 reasons educators keep coming back to us:

1. The Learning Match allows educators to make their own schedule.

Educators choose how, when, and where they meet with students, all on the educator’s time. Whether it’s afternoons or evenings or weekends, you decide what works for you and when you want to meet with your Learning Match students.

2. The Learning Match provides educators with a place to share their subject area love.

Maybe you teach primary grades but have a special love for British literature? Perhaps arts and crafts have always been your thing, but you teach middle school science? Share what you love with your Learning Match students--it’s a great opportunity to teach to your passions!

3. The Learning Match gives educators a way to increase their income.

Many educators work two or three side jobs in order to make ends meet. The Learning Match allows you to make extra money with minimal time or effort put into the search. Our database is packed with families who need all kinds of support; choose what works best for you, and respond. A Learning Match means you can make more money!

4. The Learning Match offers educators a chance to give back.

The Learning Match allows you the opportunity to give back in the way you support and serve families. Soon you will be able to donate a weekly 30-minute virtual educational check-in with a family. 

5. The Learning Match saves educators’ time.

No longer will you have to spend hours scouring chat rooms or community message boards in an attempt to find a family to support. The Learning Match database is huge, and all you have to do is create a profile in order to connect with hundreds of families!

6. The Learning Match gives educators opportunities to meet new people in their community.

Because you can search for families via zip code, you can connect with people in your very own community. Once you have made a Learning Match, you can decide what works best for you: will you meet in person? At the family’s home? At the library? Online? Any way you decide to meet, The Learning Match is a great way to make local connections.

7. The Learning Match supports educators by connecting them to a virtual Professional Learning Network (PLN).

Soon you will be able to connect with other educators on our platform! Share resources, ideas, experiences, and tips, and learn from some of the best -- your peers!

8. The Learning Match gives educators a chance to gain experience even before they are in the classroom.

Especially great for graduate students or career changers, The Learning Match gives you a chance to get practical, hands-on experience teaching even before you have your own classroom.

9. The Learning Match allows educators to go back to “the classroom” after leaving.

Whether you were on a break due to childcare leave, a career change, or even retirement, The Learning Match gives you a chance to get back into the saddle with teaching, no matter where you are in life!

10. The Learning Match is FREE for educators!! The Learning Match does all this at no cost for educators!

We SO VALUE the hard work of educators that it will always be free for educators to create a profile. We appreciate you, we are grateful for you, and we want to honor you!