Connecting parents and trusted educators in
your city.

Launching in Select Cities in Florida in July 2020

What is the learning match?

The Learning Match is a personalized service for parents around the US to find educators to help their family all year, with flexible options. And on the educator side, The Learning Match is an opportunity for educators to connect with families who need their services and get paid for their time and expertise.
We’re all in this together!

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Like you, I searched for the answers in Facebook mom groups and on Google.  

How It Works

matching process

fill out the questionnaire

it's a match!

Head over to our Parents page and fill out the form with your specific needs on what your ideal educator sounds like.

We will review your specific needs listed in your questionnaire, search our extensive educator database and Parents will be given up to three top matches to speak to and meet virtually or in person! *A fee will be collected before the search process begins.

The Learning Match matches parents with educators to help children with their learning before, during or after school. All of our Educators are pre-screened by our staff, COVID-19 tested, and background checked (*additional fee), before you speak to them. 

Once the parents and educator agree it’s a Learning Match, let the learning (and fun!) can begin.

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